Elite Content Monetization Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

9 Ways to Make Money With White Label Content

Internet marketers like you can save a significant amount of money and time by using brandable content to create products and market your brand.

To help you accomplish that goal, below are ten sure ways to turn private label rights content into an income source:

Rewrite It

Regardless of how you use PLR recipes with images, you should tweak the content to make it unique. While it’s best to use PLR as a basis for your own work, you should, at the very least, change the titles, introductions and conclusions of your reports and articles. Make things even more different by deleting irrelevant parts and adding in your own tips and examples.

Rework It Into a Different Format

Most marketers who use resale rights products leave it in text form. However, it’s easier to guarantee a 100% unique product if you convert it into varying formats. For instance, you can turn a pack of articles into an eBook, or you can turn a video into a PowerPoint slide show.

Write a Paper Book

While eBooks are great, writing a physical book is another fantastic way to leverage new plr articles. Use one of the many self-publishing companies to create your book and build another income stream.

Use it as a Subscription Bonus

You can compile articles into a pack, or simply rewrite resell rights ebooks. Alternatively, you can turn content into an audiobook or video. Finish it off by adding your own links to the product before giving it to your subscribers as a ‘thank you’ bonus.

Add it to Paid Products

Rather than giving the content to website visitors for free, you can provide it to paying customers. Simply use these plr coaching content packs as a bonus, whether it’s advertised or not.

Fill Up Your Membership Site

Use the PLR content you buy to stock a membership site. Or, you can break a larger pack up into weekly courses and run a time-definite membership program.

Make CDs and Sell Them Online

Another great way to use PLR content is as an eBay lead generator. Just add your affiliate or product links to the content, burn it to a CD or DVD, and create listings on online auction sites.

Use it in an Autoresponder Series

It’s easy to use PLR to create pre-written autoresponder messages. Simply break the content into smaller chunks and load it into an autoresponder. To encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter, consider offering a report as a sign-up bonus.

Combine Sources to Create New Paid Products and Upsells

As mentioned earlier, it’s best to rewrite PLR to make it completely unique. However, you can also move toward uniqueness by combining PLR pieces. For instance, you can make a compilation of related articles, or you can take chapters from different eBooks to create a new informational product. Use these new products any way you choose—offer it as a bonus or subscription incentive, or include it in a site membership. You can also offer them as paid products, or as upsells to other paid items.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a few ideas on how to make money with PLR. By following these tips, you can use private label rights content to make a nice supplemental income.